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Aims of the ASME course

  • The path of Aesthetic Medical Practice Assistant (ASME) allows you to transform the passion for beauty into a tool for professional satisfaction and success, entering a market that is constantly expanding and full of many possible opportunities.

    The theoretical-practical course is aimed at all those who already work or who want to work with an aesthetic doctor, plastic surgeon and dermatologist.

    The ASME operates mainly within private structures, playing a fundamental role, both towards the patient and the aesthetic doctor, the aesthetic surgeon or the dermatologist.


  • The purpose of the ASME course is to put our doctors in currently training, those who are trained, and those enrolled in our scientific society AMEI, in contact with professionals who have been trained according to the high training standards of ICAMP. This matching between job demand and supply will favour the integration of ASME graduates into the staff of studies and clinics of Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology.

Educational programme

  • The Training Course in Aesthetic Medical Practice Assistant (A.S.M.E.) is designed and delivered according to a “blended learning” approach that combines lectures and practical exercises.

    It is divided into:

    3 seminars of 16 hours each (Saturday and Sunday) with

    • assisted teaching activities (lectures or equivalent teaching activities);
    • exercises
    • internships
    • plus an online day

    All the theoretical lessons and teaching material will be available in a reserved area, available to students for the entire duration of the course.

Educational teaching topics

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin and cuteneous appendages

    Skin biotypes and their classification

    Skin biotypes and their classification

    Facial blemishes of aesthetic medical competence:

    • Wrinkles
    • Laxity
    • Hyper-pigmentations
    • Fatty and/or oedematous dark circles/bags

    Fatty and/or oedematous dark circles/bags

    • Localized adiposity
    • PEFS extension
    • Stretch marks
    • Hyperhidrosis
    • Laxity

    Main aesthetic medicine treatments:

    • Biostimulation
    • Chemical peels
    • Needling
    • Botox
    • Filler
    • Mesotherapy
    • Intralipotherapy
    • Carboxytherapy
    • PRP extension
    • Threads

    Main aesthetic medicine treatments:

    • Radio frequency
    • Pulsed light
    • Laser
    • Cavitation
    • HIFU
    • Endomassage
    • Plasma exeresis
    • Biodermogenesis

    Cosmetology: from diagnosis to cosmetic prescription

    Hygiene: from microbiology to sterilisation. How to prepare a patient and tools before a medina aesthetic treatment

    – Management of social networks

    Online and offline marketing: how to create online credibility to increase the number of patients

    Professional aesthetics:

    • Facial cleansing

    Practical internships

Exams and certificate

  • Participants will have to take a written test with themed questions, and
    a practical test concerning the use of the techniques learned during the course.

    At the end of the course, a Certificate of Attendance will be issued which certifies the skills acquired.

    The Certificate of attendance does not report any marks but rather the successful passing of the final exam
    and will be delivered by the Course Director to those entitled to it.

    The course does not provide a legal qualification to operate a professional activity, rather the necessary training that will have great value for the professional employer and will therefore allow you to offer yourself as key player in the studies of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and plastic surgery.


    ASME graduates will have access to all the updated contents of our school for one year and will be able to access the ICAMP Congress free of charge and attend the sessions dedicated to Assistants.

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Entry requirements

The Course is aimed at all those in possession of a Diploma of Secondary Education Institute or Diploma of Beautician

Registration fee

The cost of the course is €947.00 + VAT