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enit02 35955843 - info@icamp.it

II level University Master’s Degree

Regarding the agreement between the University of Camerino, the University of Turin and ICAMP also in 2024, the Academic Senate confirmed the opening of the UNICAM/UNITO II level Master’s class in Aesthetic Medicine and Therapy.

The training will be offered by the universities of Camerino and Turin at the ICAMP headquarters in Milan, via Caduti di Marcinelle 7 for the shortened course of just one year.

From this perspective, students of the ICAMP Masters, at the end of the training period, can access the shortened path, after passing the entrance test, with enrollment in the second year of the second level biennial international master of the universities of Camerino and Turin.

The II level international Master’s degree jointly provided by the universities of Camerino and Turin is ISO 9001 certified, an international standard relating to quality management. ISO 9001 certification is a very important tool, by virtue of the fact that it constitutes a true guarantee of quality recognized at an international level. Furthermore, this Master is the only one in Europe to date to issue a Supplemet Diploma in addition to the II level International Master’s Diploma. This document follows the model developed and approved by the European Commission, Concil of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES. The purpose of the diploma supplement is to provide sufficient independent data to improve international “transparency” and fair academic and professional recognition throughout the Community.

The students of the Masters in Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dentistry will thus have the opportunity to complete the usual practical training of four and two years with a Master in Aesthetic Medicine with legal value such as the II level University Master of Camerino and Turin (and diploma Supplement ).

The Master’s announcement provides that all graduates in Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dentistry with qualifications issued by recognized Italian schools, or equivalent qualifications issued by schools in other European Union countries, will be able to request an “Entry test” directly from the enrollment in the 2nd year of the University Level II Master of Medicine and Aesthetic Therapy and attend the Master at the School of Aesthetic Medicine, ICAMP College in Via Caduti di Marcinelle, 7, Milan, 20134.


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