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enit02 35955843 - icamp.college@gmail.com

Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine

The ICAMP College Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine is a training course that provides specific theoretical and practical tools in order to approach patients who chooses to undergo aesthetic medicine treatments in the most correct way.

  • WHO IT'S FORThe Master’s is aimed at surgeons.
  • DURATIONThe training course has a duration of 4 years divided into seminars of two days each, 8 seminars for the first year from November to June, 8 seminars for the second and third year from September to June, and 3 seminars for the fourth year which ends by February.
  • TEACHERSThe lessons are conducted by a team of Italian and international teachers, chosen from the leading experts in aesthetic medicine, and known for their professional competence.
  • COSTThe annual cost is € 3.500,00 + VAT for the first three years and € 1.400,00 + VAT for the fourth, and includes attendance at face-to-face lessons, practical lessons and online lessons provided for in the programme, participation in ICAMP internships, the teaching materials provided by the teachers of the School, and participation in the ICAMP Congress.
  • ECMFor each academic year, the attribution of training credits to the Ministry of Health will be required.


An invoice is issued to the registrant or to the company name indicated at the time of registration. The registration fee can be fully deducted pursuant to art 9 of Law 81/2017 (Jobs Act) It will also be possible to deduct travel and accommodation expenses incurred in order to participate in the professional training course.

The strengths of the Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine


At the end of the years of attendance, a diploma of the European Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine will be issued.


During the training period, event-days are organized with international experts in aesthetic medicine in order to share their experiences and their modus operandi.


All students can put themselves to the test by personally carrying out the aesthetic treatments on anatomical parts and on patients under the guidance of a tutor.


All the latest news from the world of aesthetic medicine IS dealt with outside the standard program with free supplementary courses.

Master’s program in Aesthetic Medicine

The teaching program of the Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine includes lectures, practical exercises and internships at the ICAMP Clinic clinics.

Lessons usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays, once a month, from October to June. At the end of each year there is an exam, which consists of an oral test and a practical test on a patient. At the end of the fourth year, a final thesis is expected with the award of a diploma.



The agreement between ICAMP, the University of Camerino and the University of Turin

The ICAMP School of Aesthetic Medicine has entered into an agreement with the University of Camerino and Turin to bring the UNICAM/UNITO II level Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine and Therapy to Milan.

The training will be offered by the universities of Camerino and Turin at the ICAMP headquarters in Milan, via Caduti di Marcinelle 7.

Students of the Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dentistry will have the opportunity to complete the usual four and two-year practical training with a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine with a legal value such as that of the II level University Masters of Camerino and Turin.

The announcement of the Masters provides that graduates in Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dentistry with qualifications issued by recognized Italian schools, or equivalent qualifications issued by schools in other European Union countries, will be able to request direct enrollment after an “entry test”, in the 2nd year of the II level University Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine and Therapy.

From this point of view, the students of the ICAMP Master’s, at the end of the training period, can access the abbreviated path, after passing the entrance test, with enrollment in the second year of the II level Biennial International Master of the universities of Camerino and Turin.

ICAMP, UNICAM and UNIVERSITY OF TURIN, together for the future of Aesthetic Medicine.