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enit02 35955843 - info@icamp.it

Rhinofiller Special Masterclass

Special masterclass: RHINOFILLER


This masterclass is intended for experienced injectors. They are intensive sessions but we hope that you will gain a lot of new knowledge, techniques, experience and develop the confidence to take your own practice to the next level.

Training is organized in a small-group (maximum of 12), private training format with Dr Ayad Harb, and will include anatomy, technique, treatment demonstrations and hands-on practice.

Each delegate will have their own model to treat on the day and they will also have the opportunity to observe treatments by Dr Ayad and fellow delegates. Delegates are encouraged to bring their own models.

WHERE: Icamp College, via Caduti di Marcinelle, 7 – 20134 – MILANO

WHEN: November 19th, 2023


Dr. Ayad Harb, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, UK, International Trainer

Dr Ayad specializes in facial plastic surgery, body contouring and all non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Particularly his signature 3-Point Rhino, non-surgical nose correction. Dr Ayad is a world authority in non-surgical nose correction and is also heavily involved in training, being an international Key Opinion Leader and trainer in facial aesthetics